The foundations are laid

Leopold Pischinger founds the company in Vienna and sweetens the city mainly with chocolate cubes, chocolate bars, sweets and biscuits. The foundations for one of the most traditional Austrian companies are successfully laid.


Birth of the Original Pischinger Torte

Leopold’s son, Oskar Pischinger, joins the business and creates the Original Pischinger Torte in the 1880s – a product that is now famous all over the world. This invention leads the company to a strong economic upturn. Up to 1200 pieces of the specialty are produced per day.


Purveyor of the imperial and royal court

The company becomes one of the few prestigious purveyors of the imperial and royal court. The demand is increasing and during the peak season, 400 to 500 employees work for the wafer specialist Pischinger. Furthermore, steam engines are already used.


Provision of the needy during the First World War

During the First World War, the manufactory of Oskar Pischinger creates the “Schwarz-gelbe Kreuz-Torte“ as a support for the population: 10% of the proceeds go to the committee of the “Schwarz-gelbe Kreuz” for the provision of the needy. Already founded in 1914 by Anka Bienerth, the Austrian War Welfare Organization provides support for needy Austrian families affected by war. The name of the committee comes from the basic idea of selling small black and yellow crosses in the form of badges, the proceeds of which is donated to the needy.


Split of the family enterprise

Within the family, the company Pischinger is divided into a German and an Austrian branch, but only the Austrian company Oskar Pischinger remains. The German branch lasts until the 1930s. From then on, the Pischinger products enjoy great popularity in Eastern Europe. The crispy wafer specialties are, for example, even sold in Hungary and Poland.


Continuation of the Austrian branch

The Austrian company Oskar Pischinger has produced the “Originaltorten” in Wiener Neustadt in Lower Austria for about 20 years, since 1945 – until the plant is eventually handed over to the Bensdorp company. The delicious wafer specialties are still on everyone’s lips.


Times of turmoil

The year 1980 marks the beginning of an eventful time. The chocolate company Victor Schmidt & Söhne temporarily takes over the company. At the time, Pischinger is located in the seventh district in the Schottenfeldgasse and is a quite small company. Stefan Gaudernak, son of the former managing director, is the one who still believes in the strength of the company and continues the business.


Pischinger goes USA

In 1999, a major order from Walmart USA can be secured at the ISM in Cologne. At that time, the order exceeds several capacities: the packaging material alone consumes more space than available at the entire production site. So the company switches to four rental locations in order to be able to handle the order adequately. Now, nothing stands in the way of the worldwide success of Pischinger products. Eventually, the headquarters are moved to the 10th district of Vienna.


On the way to the shelves

Since 2001, not only confectionery stores, but also all the major supermarket chains in the country have been supplied: For example, you can find various Pischinger products on the shelves of the REWE Group branches, but also in well-assorted specialist shops.


„…the slice above!“

Since 2004, the Pischinger Torten have been cut into practical corners and have since tasted “better around corners”. To this day, the slogan is an unmistakable feature of the Pischinger wafer specialties.


Amalgamation of wafer and confectionery specialties

The Confiserie Heindl, the largest confectionery retailer in Austria and since its inception a family-owned business, takes over Pischinger and its 30 employees. Thereby, not only the continuation of the traditional Austrian brand, but also the jobs of dozens of employees are secured.


Packaging over the course of time

In addition to the taste of the products, the presentation plays a significant role too. Pischinger relies on a clever design that combines both tradition and modernity. In 2008, the whole design of the Pischinger packaging is renewed by the direction of the Confiserie Heindl.


On the road to success

For logistical as well as sustainable reasons, Heindl’s and Pischinger’s production facilities are eventually merged in 2012. As part of the expansion of the Confiserie Heindl in the 23rd district, not only space for the Pischinger production site is created, but also the largest solar system in the city of that time is installed.


Sustainability & Fairness

As a family business, responsibility is of paramount importance – not only in regard to quality, but also in regard to sustainability and fairness. Therefore in 2014, the Confiserie Heindl is the first Austrian company to change their entire assortment to 100% Fairtrade cocoa. Now you can take your bites with a clear conscience!

Facts & Figures