We don’t use any environmentally unfriendly paint on our packaging.


We put great emphasis on environmental protection and therefore take various actions: The thoughtful and sustainable use of the raw and work materials has top priority in every field – from production supply to sale.

Careful waste separation (waste paper, plastic, glass, residual waste, etc.) is seen as natural in every department of the company. Everything that is designed for multiple use is part of the company’s recycling system, for example cardboard boxes which are used for transportation as well as wooden pallets which are sent back to the suppliers as they can be used multiple times. Concerning the choice of the supplying companies, not only the quality and the product’s origin play significant roles, but also the environmental sustainability regarding products, packaging and transportation.


After the takeover of the wafer specialist PISCHINGER by the Confiserie HEINDL in 2006, the headquarters in the 23rd district of Vienna were extended extensively. The company took many different actions towards energy-saving measures and sustainability, for example, the old stock was thermally renovated completely. In this way, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 85 tons per year. Among other things, the company installed the largest private photovoltaic system in Vienna (investment of 280.000 Euros) at that time. This investment reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 24 tons every year – about 10% of the annual overall output!