Knusper-Nuss Oblaten

What would a Viennese „Heuriger“ be without Pischinger? Our wafer-thin Oblaten with finest sugar, butter, hazelnut and almond filling are perfect for sweetening get-togethers with your family and friends!

Weight: 125g

  • Nutritional Values (per 100g)
  • Energy 1870kJ (443kcal)
  • Fat 10g

    thereof saturated fatty acids 5,3g

  • Carbohydrates 80g

    thereof sugar 40g

  • Protein 6.8g
  • Salt 0,25g
    Allergenic substances
  • HEdible nuts
  • FSoy
  • AGluten
  • GMilk or lactose
  • Ingredients
  • Protect from heat and store dry.
  • Very thin wafers filled with 56% sugar, butter, hazelnuts and almonds. Ingredients: WHEAT flour, sugar, pure BUTTERfat (6%) (corresponds 7,2% of BUTTER), HAZELNUTS (4%), WHEAT starch, ALMONDS (2,2%), SOYA flour, skimmed MILK powder, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA), cinnamon, natural vanilla-flavour and other natural flavours, salt.(entspricht 7,2% BUTTER), HASELNÜSSE (4%), WEIZENstärke, MANDELN (2,2%), SOJAmehl, SüßMOLKEnpulver, Emulgator: Lecithine (SOJA), Zimt, natürliches Vanille-Aroma mit anderen natürlichen Aromen, Salz.